We would love to see you at one of our services on a Sunday and we have two for you to choose from:

Sunday Morning Service (Langold, Notts.) @ 10.30AM

Doncaster Road
S81 9RJ

Sunday Evening Service (Worksop, Notts.) @ 5.00PM – 1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH

Best Western Lion Hotel
12 - 114 Bridge Street
S80 1HT

Both services run for around 90 minutes. We know it may not be easy visiting a new church for the first time. You might have lots of questions such as ‘Do I belong here? Am I really welcome? Will the people be friendly? Will my kids enjoy it? How should I dress? Am I welcome if I don't believe?

So, this is why we’ve tried to make our services an enjoyable experience; easy, stress-free and relaxing. Hopefully it is "user-friendly" for those who have never been to church before. If we were visiting a new church for the first time, we would like to know what to expect, so here is a brief overview:

  • When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our First Impressions Team. They are there to ensure you feel welcome and help you in any way that they can.
  • You can then wander through to The Lounge where you can get a great cuppa and mix with everyone else.
  • The Lounge closes 10 minutes before the service starts and you will be encouraged by our First Impressions team – to take a seat. Please feel free to sit where you like.
  • Our services usually start with music. There will be more music throughout the service, so please just make yourself comfortable. Most people love our band and we think you will too!
  • If you come with children, when you arrive at church, you will be shown to our kid’s registration point where you can register your child and meet our kid’s team. Children leave halfway through the service to go to their own kid’s area. Barney the Bear is our kid’s mascot and he leads the kids to their designated area. Your child is free to go with Barney or stay with you. If you want to go up and have a look at what is going on, then speak to one of the adults who is going out with them.
  • We also have someone talking on a Sunday morning. This will usually last around 30 minutes, and will be on a subject related to both normal life and the bible.
  • There is no dress code at Now Church, so feel free to wear whatever you want. Some people come in jeans and a shirt, others in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt! Just be comfortable.

As we know visiting a church can be a nervous occasion so if it would help you to have one of our hosts meeting you outside the church and walk in with you we can arrange that. They will ensure that you are welcome, get you a drink and even sit with you in the service if that would help. To arrange this simply complete the form below.

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